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"By creating we think, by living we learn" Patrick Geddes
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Numerical Analysis 1995:

Proceedings of the 1995 Biennial Conference on Numerical Analysis,

Editors D. F. Griffiths and G. A. Watson.
Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics, Vol. 344, Addison Wesley Longman Ltd, April 1996.
ISBN 0 582 27633 0.


C. J. Budd, Jianping Chen, W. Huang &R. D. Russell: Moving mesh methods with applications to blow-up problems for PDEs Page: 1

M. Fey, R. Jeltsch &A.-T. Morel: Multidimensional schemes for nonlinear systems of hyperbolic conservation laws Page: 19

A. Griewank: ODE solving via automatic differentiation and rational prediction Page: 37

D. F. Griffiths: Discretised eigenvalue problems, LBB constants and stabilization Page: 57

M. Kocvara &J. Zowe: How mathematics can help in design of mechanical structures Page: 76

W. Light: Variational error bounds for radial basis functions Page: 94

M. A. López-Marcos, J. M. Sanz-Serna &R. D. Skeel: Cheap enhancement of symplectic integrators Page: 107

K.W. Morton: Finite volume methods Page: 123

B. N. Parlett: Orthogonal eigenvectors without Gram-Schmidt Page: 140

D. J. Silvester &A. J. Wathen: Fast &robust solvers for time-discretised incompressible Navier-Stokes equations Page: 154

E. Süli: A posteriori error analysis and global error control for adaptive finite volume approximations of hyperbolic problems Page: 169

M. H. Wright: Direct search methods: once scorned, now respectable Page: 191

Jeng Yen &L. R. Petzold: Computational challenges in the solution of nonlinear oscillatory multibody dynamics systems Page: 209

List of Contributed TalksPage: 225