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Proceedings the 17th Biennial Dundee Conference on Numerical Analysis,
June 24-27 1997

Proceedings title: Numerical Analysis 1997
Editors: D F Griffiths, D J Higham and G A Watson
Publishers: Addison Wesley Longman, Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics


The 17th Dundee Biennial Conference on Numerical Analysis was held at the University of Dundee during the 4 days June 24-27, 1997. It was preceded on the 23rd by the Leslie Fox Prize Meeting, when the 7 finalists gave their presentations. As usual the standard of talks was impressively high, and Wim Sweldens from Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories Innovations in the USA was presented with the Prize.

The Conference itself was attended by 216 participants from 33 countries, with about half the participants coming from outside the UK. The opening talk at the Conference was the fourth A. R. Mitchell lecture, delivered by Gil Strang. The tradition was continued of having a speaker who has not only made important contributions to numerical analysis, but also has a long association with Dundee, and with Ron Mitchell in particular. The A. R. Mitchell lecture was instituted in celebration of Ron Mitchell's 70th Birthday in 1991. It may be useful to note here that last year, in celebration of his 75th birthday, many friends and colleagues contributed to a 75th Birthday Volume (Numerical Analysis, A. R. Mitchell 75th Birthday Volume, eds D. F. Griffiths and G. A. Watson, World Scientific, Singapore, 1996), in which as well as technical papers, there is a biographical article.

Thirteen other invited speakers presented talks, and in addition there were 118 submitted talks, scheduled in 4 parallel sessions. This volume contains full versions of all of the invited papers; the titles of all contributed talks given at the meeting, together with the names and addresses of the presenters (correct at the time of the meeting), are also listed here.

We would like to take this opportunity of thanking all the speakers, including the after-dinner speaker George Phillips from the University of St Andrews, all those who chaired sessions, and all participants for their contributions. Mention of St Andrews is a reminder that the conference can trace its origin back to St Andrews in 1965 (before any of the Leslie Fox Prize finalists were born). Any conference is only as good as the people who support it, and one possible reason for the fact that the series is entering middle age is that the meeting has continued to attract many numerical analysts of high quality to come to Dundee to present their work. In case that interest continues for another two years, we would like to point out that the 18th Biennial Conference will be held from 29th June to 2nd July 1999. Information will be posted on the Conference web page, which may be accessed at

These pages also give details of earlier conferences in the series.

We are as always grateful for help received from members of the Department of Mathematics both before and during the Conference. We are particularly grateful for the assistance of Penny Davies, a former member of the Department now at the University of Strathclyde, who wrote various pieces of software and proved to be invaluable during the lead up to, as well as during the conference. The Conference is also indebted to the University of Dundee for making available various University facilities throughout the week, and for the provision of a Reception for the participants in Belmont Hall. Finally, we would like to thank the publishers of these Proceedings, Addison Wesley Longman, for their co-operation during the pre-publication process.

D. F. Griffiths
D. J. Higham
G. A. Watson October 1997