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"By creating we think, by living we learn" Patrick Geddes
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Numerical analysis 1999: Contents


M. Ainsworth, P. Coggins and B. Senior: Mixed hp-finite element
methods for incompressible flow

R. Becker, H. Kapp and R. Rannacher: Adaptive finite element methods
for optimization problems

P. Blomgren, T. F. Chan, P. Mulet, L. Vese and W. L. Wan:
Variational PDE models and methods for image processing 43

F. Brezzi: Interacting with the subgrid world 69

F. Chaitin-Chatelin: The computing power of Geometry 83

C. M. Elliott and V. M. Styles: Numerical approximation
of vortex density evolution in a superconductor

A. C. Faul and M. J. D. Powell: Krylov subspace methods
for radial basis function interpolation

M. C. Ferris, T. S. Munson and D. Ralph: A homotopy method for
mixed complementarity problems based on the PATH solver

E. Hairer and Ch. Lubich: Energy conservation by Störmer-type
numerical integrators

A. Klawonn and O. B. Widlund: New results on FETI methods
for elliptic problems with discontinuous coefficients

I. H. Sloan and R. S. Womersley: The search for good polynomial
interpolation points on the sphere

P. M. Van Dooren: Gramian based model reduction
of large-scale dynamical systems

G. A. Watson: Solving data fitting problems in lp norms
with bounded uncertainties in the data

Contributed Papers 267