August 27th and 28th 2015

Tower Building, Baxter Suite 1.36, University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland

Travel Directions

The nearest international airport is Edinburgh. Alternatives are Glasgow or Aberdeen.If you arrive in Edinburgh the easiest is to use the Airlink buses to Haymarket. An open return costs £7.00 (2015) and can be bought on the bus. They typically run every 10 min and depart from outside the terminal. From Haymarket Railway Station, trains leave for Dundee roughly every 30 min during office hours. A return ticket costs about £32 and can be bought with Debit/Credit cards from vending machines at the station.

Note: Retain your ticket as you will need it not only to pass the barrier to the platform but also when you leave the station in Dundee.

A warning for visitors unfamiliar with British trains: Occasionally there are trains where in order to open the door from the inside you need to lower the window in the door and use the handle on the outside.

From the Queens Hotel to the Tower Building (expandable)

Porous Media Modelling in Biological Processes: Perspectives on Analytical and Computational Methods Enabling Data Inversion