Life and Light in Numbers

Dundee Science Festival 2014

  Sunday 16 November, 9:00 - 18:30   @Dundee Science Centre

How is mathematics helping to cure cancer?

Did you know that the most famous Mathematical Biologist came from Dundee?

Did you know that mathematics is used to understand the Sun?

Why do planes fly?

How does mathematics drive economics?

How much maths is behind weather prediction?

How can we break codes with mathematics?

How much mathematics is there in nature?

At the Maths Event @Dundee Science Festival 2014 you can explore:

  • how simple mathematical equations can describe complex behaviour
  • the mathematical techniques behind code breaking
  • how mathematical approaches are used to improve cancer surgery
  • how to use game theory to find optimal strategies
  • the physics which governs all heavier than air flight
  • how the shape of soap bubbles changes with movement
  • the dynamics and complexity of the Sun and its flares

  • Come and try it yourself!