Poster Session

Poster Session

Alexander Anderson
An Individual Based Model of Rippling Movement in a Myxobacteria Population

Paul Anderson
Tangled Nature: A Model of Evolutionary Ecology

Ricardo Barbosa
Choice of a digging site by an ant colony

Ake Brannstrom
Noise, population change and the in of space in site- based models of ecology

Bruno Carbonaro
Proteins as constrained complex systems

Roman Cherniha
A mathematical model for transport in peritoneal dialysis: Exact solutions and their interpretation

Mihaela Stanca Ciupe
The comparison between three different model's fits to insufficient HIV patient data provides widely varying estimations of the kinetic parameters

Sharon Crook
Modelling Interneurons in a Sensory System

Daniel Dougherty
Using Transitive Closure To Analyze Gene Networks

Ken Eames
Contact tracing and disease control

Helen Edwards
The effects of individual behaviour on the dynamics of spatially structured predator-prey interactions

Wilson Ferreira Jr.
Branching Fast and Reaching Afar

Jonathan Forde
Applications of Sturm Sequences to Biological Delay Models

Sara Garcia
An iterative embedding method for multivariate time series

Dobroslav Hajek
Extra cellular volume regulation and growth in humans

Hiroyuki Hamada
Development of Computer Aided Diagnosis System for the Peritoneal Dialysis: Mathematical Modelling of Peritoneal Transport

Jihyoun Jeon
Multistage Modeling of Adenocarcinoma in Barrett's Esophagus

John R Jungck
Microbes Count!: Problem Posing, Problem Solving, and Peer Persuasion in Microbiology

Magnus Knecht
Why we can't rely on the competitive exclusion principle

Ryo Kobayashi
Modeling of the Motion of the Plasmodium of Physarum Polycephalum

Brynja Kohler
Population Dynamics of Regulatory T-Lymphocytes

Jeffrey Leek
Computational Approaches for Modeling Mountain Pine Beetle Development

Georgios Lolas
Mathematical modelling of cancer invasion of tissue

Frank Lynch
Gels and Gastric Protection

Daphne Manoussaki
A mechanochemical model of angiogenesis and vasculogenesis

Anastasios Matzavinos
Mathematical modelling of the spatio-temporal response of cytotoxic T-lymphocytes to a solid tumour

Rafael Meza
The Effects of Developmental Mutations in Colorectal Cancer

Christopher Mitchell
Maternal administration of the anti-proliferative agent TNP- 470 reduces fetal ocular and vascular dimensions in control and VEGF-A188 transgenic mice

Toshiyuki Nakagaki
Cell dynamics of network formation in a large amoeboid organism of Physarum

Patrick Namy
Bifurcation analysis and Finite Element Method simulations of a biomechanical modelling of cell network in angiogenesis

Shin Nishimura
A theoretical study of partially random escape of micro-prey

Neli Ortega
Fuzzy Bayesian inference for the estimation of optimal age to vaccinate against measles

Michael Plank
Lattice and non-lattice models of tumour angiogenesis

Guru Prasad
The Consequences of Walking on a Graph: the Case of the Malabar Giant Squirrel, Ratufa indica

Michael Raghib
Asymmetric Competition in Plant Population Dynamics: Generalising the Method of Moments

Nasrollah Rezaei-Ghaleh
Biological control systems with negative steady-state error: How can they be stable?

Benjamin Ribba
Doxorubicin treatment efficacy in non-Hodgkin's lymphomas: Model and computer simulations

Martin Rost
Modes of speciation in heterogeneous space

Rene Salinas
Comparing alternative black bear harvesting strategies for minimizing potential bear-human encounters: An individual-based modelling approach

Peter Schofield
Agent Based Models for the Investigation of Heritable Dispersal Traits

Nobuto Takeuchi
Compartment and Information Threshold: limited di usibility and small population size compensate group selection

Annette Tamino
Modelling competition in estuarine mangrove communities using one-dimensional CA

Yulia Timofeeva
Sparks and waves in a stochastic fire-diffuse-fire model of Ca 2+ release

Maarten Van Wieren
A Markov Model for Kinesin

Bakhtier Vasiev
Modelling the formation of Koller's sickle and the primitive streak during chick embryo gastrulation

Laercio Vendite
A mathematical model for tumour growth and tumour markers

Rebecca Yowell
Mathematical Modeling of Prostate Cancer

Bertram Zinner
Estimating population size on a landscape based on presence/absence data and habitat preferences