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"By creating we think, by living we learn" Patrick Geddes
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Professor Mark Chaplain

picture of Mark Chaplain

Mark Chaplain
Ivory Chair of Applied Mathematics
Division of Mathematics
University of Dundee
Dundee DD1 4HN
Fulton J26
01382 385369
01382 385516

REF2014 Results:

Dundee Mathematics has been rated #1 in Scotland for Mathematical Research and #8 in the UK in the recent REF2014

All the information is HERE

Research Interests:

picture of Mark Chaplain

Mathematical Biology
Solid Tumour Growth
Tumour Angiogenesis
Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations


Awarded a London Mathematical Society Whitehead Prize, June 2000.

Elected Fellow of The Royal Society of Edinburgh, March 2003

Awarded a European Research Council Advanced Investigator Grant (ERC AIG), December 2009:
"From Mutations to Metastases: Multiscale Mathematical Modelling of Cancer Growth and Spread"


List of publications

Current Post-docs:

Current PhD Students:

Niall Deakin
Lu Peng
Elaine Mitchell
Iona Tough

Former Post-docs:

Professor Helen Byrne
Dr. Fordyce Davidson
Dr. Sandy Anderson
Dr. Danny Feltham
Dr. Alex Belov
Dr. Jose Valenciano
Dr. Bakhtier Vasiev
Dr. Heiko Enderling
Dr. Hitesh Mistry
Dr. Ingeborg van Leeuwen
Dr. Marine Aubert
Dr. Yangfan Wang
Dr. Dumitru Trucu
Dr. Vivi Andasari
Dr. Gibin Powathil
Dr. Alan Terry

Former Wellcome Trust Mathematical Biology Research Fellows:

Dr. Pieta Schofield
Dr. Ruth Diez del Coral

Former PhD Students:

Dr. Michelle Orme
Dr. Gordon Henderson
Dr. Alan Pitcairn
Dr. Pieta Schofield
Dr. Georgios Lolas
Dr. Angelique Stephanou
Dr. Tasos Matzavinos
Dr. Rui Xu
Dr. Ian Pearce
Dr. Heiko Enderling
Dr. Kirsty Gordon
Dr. Katharine Preedy
Dr. Ignacio Ramis Conde
Mr. James Arnold
Dr. Lydia Hill
Dr. Vivi Andasari
Dr. Mohannad Al-Tameemi
Dr. Daniela Schlueter
Dr. Marc Sturrock
Dr. Andrew Burgess
Dr. Ananthi Anandanadesan
Dr. John Kelly

Former MPhil Students:

Sahar Al-Dakheel

Theoretical and Mathematical Biology:


The SIMBIOS Centre is a joint venture between the University of Dundee and the University of Abertay Dundee; this is funded by a SHEFC Research Development Grant; there is also collaboration with SCRI . Research here at Dundee is undertaken in The Centre for Theoretical Biology.

North British Differential Equations Seminars

I am the Dundee Maths Dept. representative for NBDES , the North British Differential Equations Seminars.

The Mathematical Biology Research Group:
Group Home Page
Mathematical Biology Links:
European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology
The Society for Mathematical Biology
A comprehensive list of Mathematical Biology Journals can be found here at the home page of the MBG Research Group
Science Citation Index:
A current snapshot of citation data from my research publications can be found here.
The data has been obtained from the Web of Science at the ISI Web of Knowledge.
My current h-index is 35
My ResearcherID:
Current information concerning my publications can be found from My ResearcherID.
Erdos Number:
My Erdos Number is 4
History of Mathematics Site:
Mathematical Rogues' Gallery