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"By creating we think, by living we learn" Patrick Geddes
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Dr David Griffiths

Mathematics and Statistics Postgraduate Generic Skills

Presentations and Posters in LaTeX

  1. Presentations using the Beamer class. Official download site:
    • Presentation slides beamer-09-pdf.pdf This version is processed with ``pdflatex''. source code beamer-09-pdf.tex I have commented out the command ``\setbeamercovered{transparent}'' so that the greyed out overlays do not appear.
    • Presentation slides beamer-09.pdf This version is processed with ``latex'' and ``dvips''. Graphics files are ``eps''. Uses examples from ``pstricks''. source code beamer-09.tex
    • Click here to download the graphics file used.
    • Click here to download the sample page used in the presentation.
    • Click Here to download the movie file (thank.avi). Beamer fires up movies within the pdf file display and does not require external software (such as RealPlayer). Movies may not play on ``Preview'' on a Mac, but they should with ``Acrobat Reader''.
    • Matlab file for creating "thank.avi" movie.
    • Handout version (no overlays---for printing) beamer-handout.pdf
    • Use ``\documentclass[trans]{beamer}'' to merge overlays - useful for printing out the overheads.
    • Examples of using different themes (to change the appearance): Darmstadt, Default, Warsaw, Bergen, Madrid, Berkeley, Boadilla, Rochester, Antibes, Montpellier, Goettingen, Berlin.
    • article class with \usepackage{beamerarticle}. For producing handouts. source file
    • LaTeX-Beamer homepage.
  2. Presentations using the Prosper class. Prosper has not been maintained since 2003. These files are unchanged since 2007. Download site:
  3. Posters in LaTeX using a0poster.sty
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