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Setting up a student questionnaire. If you have done this before skip to letter k).
a) Click here to download the file containing the questions. Save it in your area.
b) Login to Blackboard, select the Module, Control Panel & Pool Manager.
c) Select Import
d) Browse to find the zip file you saved in a), then submit. This creates a pool of questions from which you can select a subset to make a survey. When you get back to Pool Manager, there should now be a line starting ``SQ''. Click OK.
e) Now select Survey Manager then Add Survey
f) Fill in the box to give it a name, such as ``Questionnaire''. Then click Submit
g) From the drop-down menu next to Add, scroll down and select ``From Question Pool or Assessment'' then click Go.
h) In the next window, select SQ in the top pane and check the All box beneath it (this selects questions of all types from the pool of questions in SQ). Then click Search This will bring up a list of all the questions available. Check the box ``Select All'' in the top left. You can then deselect any questions you do not need. Now click Submit . Occasionally there is a glitch at this stage and an error message is given. Return to the previous page and click Submit again.
i) You should now be in a page called Survey Canvas where questions can be modified or deleted/inserted. The type of question to be inserted can be chosen from the drop-down menu at the top. Click ok when satisfied with the questions. This takes you to ``Survey Manager'', click ok. This has set up the questionnaire, you now have to deploy it.
k) You should now be back in the Control Panel. It is suggested that the questionnaire be placed in the ``Module Guide'' area (which is perhaps better renamed to ``Module Admin.''). So click Module Guide.
l) In the drop-down menu in the top right (which should show Learning Unit, select Survey - the 2nd entry - then click Go next to it.
m) Select ``Questionnaire'' (or whatever name you gave it in f) above, then Submit
n) You should be in the ``Modify Survey'' page. In order to make the questionnaire available to students, click Modify the Survey Options. In the ``Description'' window one can include some text, such as All reponses will be treated as confidential. Responses will be analysed and summarized centrally and no staff in your department will have access to individual student responses. Then in Section 2, check the button to make the file available. The button underneath it will automatically put an announcement on the front page to say the questionnaire is available. Finally (if you have survived this far), click Submit. The results of the questionnaire will show up in Gradebook.