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Name: Adrian Carnegie
Degree: BSc Mathematics
Graduation: 2010
Employer: SgurrEnergy
Job title: Renewable Energy Consultant


About my time in Dundee

I graduated in June 2010 with a BSc (Hons.) in Mathematics. My main academic highlight was getting the opportunity to present my honours project presentation to my academic peers following weeks of hard work.

What I do now

I'm currently a Consultant working jointly within the Wind Analysis and Noise teams for SgurrEnergy, a renowned international renewable energy consultancy based in Glasgow. My work can vary on a week to week basis, but mainly I deal with the energy yield analysis of pre- and post-construction wind farms. I specialise in the analysis of sites which are based in particularly complex terrain, forestry or climates using my background in Mathematics and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). It's rather satisfying to work on a project when it's only an idea on paper and see it develop into a fully fledged working site. I also get to travel abroad on a regular basis to meet clients and visit international wind farms.

I use mathematical ideas on a regular basis in my job, since the renewables industry is a relatively young industry and analysis techniques are always changing and becoming more and more complex. As such my team and I are required to have excellent data analysis skills which require a solid understanding of the mathematics behind wind analysis (statistics and fluid dynamics). Every member of my team has a numerate degree of sorts, though my degree in Mathematics coupled with my experience in CFD gained through my Masters is a unique combination (and a rather advantageous one at that). Other members of my team have degrees in Engineering or Physics.

How I got the job

Following my BSc in Mathematics I undertook a Masters in Renewable Energy Engineering at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh to help me gain experience in the renewable industry. During my Masters I focused on the study of CFD and its application in the wind and tidal industry. This experience was one of the key reasons I gained a position with my current company.

My job hunt involved visiting a number of career fairs as well as several trips to the University Careers service to gain advice on writing my CV and, perhaps more importantly, my interview technique. As I neared completion of my Masters I began sending out applications to a number of renewable energy companies. Luckily, I was offered several interviews with different companies following my Masters and decided to take a job with my current company following a number of successful interviews.

My job was advertised on the company website. As part of the application process I had an interview with one of the company directors and my current manager. The interview lasted an hour and covered my academic background as well as a number of competency based questions.

Advice for current students

I would say that the most important thing I did while at University in terms of my job hunt was visiting the Careers Service on a regular basis to get advice on my CV, as well as practicing my interview technique. Regarding when to start thinking about the job market, I would put some serious thought into what you would like to do the summer before your last year at University, perhaps earlier if considering certain graduate schemes. By my fourth year I knew that I wanted to move into the renewable industry but required more experience and hence why I undertook my Masters. I would probably recommend getting some industry experience if possible, it looks great on your CV and I know that my company are inclined to hire an intern if they prove themselves to be particularly useful. Also experience in fluid dynamics and MATLAB is highly desirable in my line of work.

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