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Mathematics of Fluids and Plasmas I: Fluid Dynamics

ripples Fluid dynamical processes are going on all around us, all the time. The equations of fluid dynamics govern the flow of rivers and oceans, as well as the flow of air, and so the weather. What keeps an aeroplane up? Why do tornados keep spinning? These and many other questions can be answered by understanding basic fluid dynamical concepts.

The purpose of this course is to give students an introduction to this subject. It also provides the basis for forming and understanding of plasmas, which are dealt with in the second module (see below). The course syllabus will be as follows:

waves - Japanese floating art More detailed course outline (pdf)

Mathematics of Fluids and Plasmas II: MHD and the Sun

erupting prominence Almost all of the matter in the universe exists in the plasma state. The sun in particular is a burning ball of plasma, upon whose energy all life on Earth ultimately depends.

In this module, students will gain an understanding of the basic laws which govern the evolution of plasmas, and of the phenomena that occur within them. The basis will be the equations of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), which combine the fluid equations and electromagnetic equations. This introduction to the subject will be illustrated with examples drawn primarily from the field of solar theory. The course syllabus will be as follows:

coronal loops as seen by TRACE More detailed course outline (pdf)

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