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"By creating we think, by living we learn" Patrick Geddes
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Dr Miho Janvier

picture of Miho Janvier

Miho Janvier
Lecturer (Dundee Fellow)
Department of Mathematics
University of Dundee
Dundee DD1 4HN
Fulton G14
+44 (0)1382 388728
+44 (0)1382 385516

You can visit my new webpage here!

Research Interests (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • 2D/3D Magnetic Reconnection
  • Mechanisms of eruptive flares (Numerical simulations, remote-sensing observations)
  • Interplanetary CMEs evolution and structure (analytical models, in situ observation and heliospheric imaging)
  • Interplanetary shock structures (analytical models, in situ observation and heliospheric imaging)

Publications: (the list on my website is regularly updated)


  • M. Janvier, G. Aulanier, V. Bommier, B. Schmieder, P. Démoulin, E. Pariat, Electric currents in flare ribbons: observations and three-dimensional standard model, Astrophysical Journal, 788, 60 (2014) paper here
  • M. Janvier, P. Démoulin, S. Dasso, Mean shape of interplanetary shocks deduced from in situ observations and its relation with interplanetary ICMEs, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 565, A99 (2014)paper here
  • M. Janvier, P. Démoulin, S. Dasso, Are there different populations of flux ropes in the solar wind?, Solar Physics, 289, 2633 paper here
  • J. Dudík, M. Janvier, G. Aulanier, G. Del Zanna, M. Karlicky, H. E. Mason, B. Schmieder, Slipping magnetic reconnection during an X-class solar flare observed by SDO/AIA, Astrophysical Journal 784, 144 (2014) paper here
  • M. Janvier, P. Démoulin, S. Dasso, Flux rope axis geometry of magnetic clouds deduced from in situ data , Nature of Prominences and their role in Space Weather, Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, IAU Symposium, 300, 265-268 (2014) paper here
  • Y. Kishimoto, M. Janvier Interaction of two magnetic reconnections – Structure-driven nonlinear instability and the origin of explosive magnetic reconnection?, Journal of plasma and fusion research, 89, 774 (2013) paper here
  • M. Janvier, P. Démoulin, S. Dasso, Global axis shape of magnetic clouds deduced from the distribution of their local axis orientation, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 556, A50 (2013) paper here
  • M. Janvier, G. Aulanier, E. Pariat, P. Démoulin The standard flare model in three dimensions, III. Slip-running reconnection properties, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 555, A77 (2013) paper here
  • P. Démoulin, S. Dasso, M. Janvier, Does the spacecraft trajectory strongly affect the detection of magnetic clouds ?, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 550, A3 (2013) paper here
  • G. Aulanier, P. Démoulin, C. J. Schrijver, M. Janvier, E. Pariat, The standard flare model in three dimensions II. Upper limit on solar flare energy, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 549, A66 (2013) paper here
  • G. Aulanier, M. Janvier, B. Schmieder, The standard flare model in three dimensions I. Strong­‐to­‐weak shear transition in post­‐flare loops, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 543, A110 (2012) paper here
  • M. Janvier, Y. Kishimoto, J. Li, Structure­‐driven nonlinear instability as the origin of the explosive reconnection dynamics in resistive double tearing modes, Physical Review Letters, 107, 195001­‐1 – 195001­‐5 (2011)
  • M. Janvier, A. Ishizawa, J. Li, Y. Kishimoto, Role of the pressure force in the explosive dynamics of magnetic islands in double tearing modes, Physics of Plasmas, 18, 102112­‐1 – 102112­‐7 (2011) paper here
  • M. Janvier, Y. Kishimoto, J. Li, Critical Parameters for the Nonlinear Destabilization of Double Tearing Modes in Reversed Shear Plasmas, Nuclear Fusion, 51, 083016­‐ 1 – 083016­‐13 (2011) paper here
  • M. Janvier, Y. Kishimoto, J. Li, A mechanism of structure­‐driven nonlinear instability of double tearing mode in reversed magnetic shear plasmas, Plasma and Fusion Research, 5, 38­‐1 – 38­‐3 (2010) paper here
  • M. Janvier, Y. Kishimoto, J. Li, Investigation of the trigger mechanism in the explosive nonlinear growth of the Double Tearing Mode, Plasma and Fusion Research, 5, S2056­‐1 – S2056­‐4 (2010) paper here
  • J. Li, Y. Kishimoto, Y. Kouduki, Z.X. Wang, M. Janvier, Finite frequency zonal flows in multi­‐scale plasma turbulence including resistive MHD and drift wave instabilities, Nuclear Fusion, 49, 095007­‐1 – 095007­‐2 (2009) paper here
  • P.C. De Vries, M. D. Hua, D.C. McDonald, C. Giroud, M. Janvier, et al., Scaling of rotation and momentum confinement in JET plasmas, Nuclear Fusion, 48, 065006 - 1 – 065006 - 18 (2008) paper here

Other publications:

  • M. Janvier, with P. Démoulin and S. Dasso, A new approach to unveil the shape of interplanetary structures, see also: here, UK Solar Physics nuggets
  • J. Dudík, First sightings of solar flare phenomena confirm 3D models of space weather, see also: here, Press release for the University of Cambridge
  • G. Aulanier, M. Janvier (Contacts) Solar Eruptions: no apocalypse, Press release for Observatoire de Paris, December 2012
  • M. Janvier, Miho Janvier and solar storms, Press release for the AXA Research Fund, « Researchers portraits », Partnership release for the french newspaper, Dec. 2012
  • M. Janvier, Y. Kishimoto, J. Li, Study of the mechanisms leading to the nonlinear explosive growthof double tearing instabilities in fusion plasmas, Zero Carbon Energy Kyoto 2010, Springer,

Some outreach links...

  • AXA POP Days, interview, see: here
  • AXA "Science is beautiful", photo contest, see: here