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GLEMuR is a finite difference Lagrangian code which uses mimetic differential operators and runs on Nvidia GPUs. GLEMuR stands for Gpu-based Lagrangian mimEtic Magnetic Relaxation. Its main purpose is to study the relaxation of magnetic relaxation in environments of zero resistivity and viscosity.
GLEMuR is not a general purpose equation solver, neither are the full magnetohydrodynamics equations implemented. For such problems refer to other numerical codes.
The code is open source and free to use and can be downloaded from When using GLEMuR for a publication remember to cite it as SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 36(6):B952-B968, 2014, with the bibtex entry bib. For more information see the original publication on SIAM or on the arXiv.
Initial magnetic field for relaxation experiments


home publications/talks teaching cv computing links pictures/movies