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"By creating we think, by living we learn" Patrick Geddes
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Fortran Material

  • The Fortran Library "is a comprehensive directory of information about Fortran, with information about compilers, programming tools, free and commercial software, and books. Much numerical software is listed in the "free software" section. "
  • The Fortran Market (TM) "The Fortran Market is the place to ``shop'' for all products and services related to Fortran. In addition to the usual things to buy, you will find many useful items that are free. Our goal is to provide access to all information, products, and services related to the Fortran programming language."
  • Fortran 90 for the F77 Programmer by Bo Einarsson and Yurij Shokin (copyright 1993).
  • NAG - The Numerical Algorithms Group
  • f90gl: OpenGL for Fortran 90 OpenGL is a software interface for applications to generate interactive 2D and 3D computer graphics. OpenGL is designed to be independent of operating system, window system, and hardware operations, and is supported by many vendors. The OpenGL Fortran 90 bindings represents a significant development for scientific visualization in the Fortran community. Until now there has ever been an industry standard for generating graphics from Fortran programs; instead, only proprietary libraries that support a limited number of systems have been available. With the new bindings, a Fortran programmer can write standard-conforming graphics applications that will be portable over most computing platforms.