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"By creating we think, by living we learn" Patrick Geddes
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Linear Algebra

  • Matrix Reference Manual "...contains reference information about linear algebra and the properties of matrices." written by Mike Brookes, Imperial College, London, UK ( ).
  • Jampack (JAva Matrix PACKage)is a collection of cooperating classes designed to perform matrix computations in Java applications. The current version of the Jampack is preliminary and incomplete. It is being released to see if there is enough interest to continue its development. G. W. (Pete) Stewart, University of Maryland.
  • Pseudospectra Gateway ``a web site that presents examples of pseudospectra and reference material that we hope will be useful to researchers in numerical analysis and linear algebra as well as numerous application areas. The site includes a bibliography with links to MathSciNet, a catalog of publicly available software for computing pseudospectra, and a number of illustrations.'' Mark Embree and Nick Trefethen, Oxford University Computing Laboratory.