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"By creating we think, by living we learn" Patrick Geddes
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Modules 2016/17

Warning: Lecturers may change. The links below lead to the module guides, for the module descriptors see the School's page on My Dundee.

Semester 1

Module Module Name Module Leader/2nd Lecturer
Level 1
MA11001 Mathematics 1A Drs D Pontin/R Carey
MA12002 Topics in Pure Mathematics Dr N Dodds
EG11003 Science & Engineering Maths 1A Dr S Fairfax
Level 2
MA21001 Mathematics 2A Prof G Hornig/Dr R Eftimie
MA21003 Discrete Mathematics Drs M Ptashnyk/ S Fairfax
Level 3
MA32002 Mathematical Methods Dr A Russell
MA31002 Differential Equations Dr P Murray
MA32008 Graph Theory Dr N Dodds
MA32006 Complex Analysis Dr D Trucu
Level 4
MA41001 Project Dr F Davidson
MA41003 Ordinary Diff. Equations Dr I Kyza
MA32008 Graph Theory (shared with Level 3) Dr N Dodds
MA32006 Complex Analysis (shared with Level 3) Dr D Trucu
Level 5
MA51003 Dynamical Systems Dr M Ptashnyk
MA51004 Computational Modelling and Programming Prof P Lin
MA51005 Stochastic Processes Prof P Lin
MA51006 Inverse Problems Dr D Trucu
MA50004 Project All staff

Semester 2

Level 1
MA12001 Mathematics 1B Drs R Carey/J McDermott
MA12003 Statistics and Probability Dr S Fairfax
EG12003 Science & Engineering Maths 1B Dr R Carey
Level 2
MA22001 Mathematics 2B Drs D Trucu/A Athanasoulis
MA21002 Computer Algebra and Dynamical Systems Dr J McDermott
MA22004 Statistics and Probability II Dr N Dodds
Level 3
MA32005Fundamentals of Sci. Computing Dr P Lin
MA41002 Math-Biology 1 Dr P Murray
MA32007 Differential Geometry Dr S Candelaresi
MA41006 Mathematics of Fluids Dr D Pontin
Level 4
MA42001 Project Dr N Dodds
MA42002 Mathematical Biology IIDr N Dodds
MA42003 Partial Diff. EquationsProf P Lin
MA42007 Mathematics of Fluids & Plasmas II Dr A Russell
Level 5
MA52001 Mathematical Oncology Dr Eftimie
MA52002 Mathematical Ecology & Epidemiology Dr R Eftimie
MA52003 Mathematical Physiology Dr P Murray
MA52004 Optimization in Finance and Energy Dr M Ptashnyk
MA52005 Advanced Fluid Dynamics Prof G Hornig
MA50004 Project All staff